TikTok poster @sweet_tater_express shares the video so you can judge for yourself.


“How do people not see it’s photoshopped, the other half of the ride is just cut out and sky put there,” says one commenter. This user claims to have been on the ride: “I went on this when I visited America back in 2023. Craziest theme park I’ve ever been to!” So does this one: “This is actually real, as I went there before. See, the ride has invisible rails, so it makes it look like an illusion of it going off.” “People look at this and think it’s real?” asks a viewer of the video incredulously. “No way this is real,” proclaims this user. “How are people not seeing how badly photoshopped the cart is?” asks a commenter. “I don’t think it was supposed to do that,” writes another, presumably figuring the ride wasn’t meant to go airborne in the first place. “If someone moves everyone’s dead,” says another. “This is real, I was the tree,” quips a viewer. And this one doesn’t seem to think there is any sound editing going on. “You can hear them get on and off the rail,” the commenter says. Recommended for you

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