Recruiter Joel Lalgee (@therealest_recruiter) posted a TikTok sharing how it felt getting a certain unexpected email for corporate. Hopefully, he can manifest this for all of us. In the TikTok, Lalgee laid out the best email any employee could receive from their higher-ups: A message appreciating them for the work they have done, acknowledging that it’s the holiday season and giving them substantial time off to spend it in peace. Literally, the best present Santa could ever bring. Ah, adulting. But as awesome and wholesome as this TikTok is, some Americans in the comments section were skeptical. “Yea, they’re shutting down but are they still paying you for the time or expecting you to use PTO you’d rather use later?” @mlmtlnd asked. That’s a good point! Some European commenters were also quick to note that this is normal and even expected in their countries. “And meanwhile in Europe [we have] five weeks of paid leave. [I leave] on 16th December and [come] back on 9th January,” @ghostarya_ said. Okay, Europeans, you don’t have to rub it in! But really, this is a great practice that companies across the nation should adopt. Your employees work hard to make your businesses successful. They deserve to rest.  We are manifesting this email for everyone this holiday season.