If you have forgotten your SugarCRM admin password or due to any reason, you are not able to login to SugarCRM with admin user. You can simply check the active admin user using SQL query and reset the password with simple SQL query.

Reset SugarCRM Admin Password via SQL

The first query will fetch the active admin accounts from your SugarCRM database.

SugarCRM uses md5 encrypted passwords. The query will change the password for the specified username. You must change SECRET_PASSWORD with your password and USERNAME with admin account username get in above query.

Reset SugarCRM Admin Password via phpMyAdmin

You can also connect SugarCRM database with phpMyAdmin and reset the admin password. Open table users and edit the record of the admin user. Now under the user_hash column, select the MD5 in functions and put plain text password in value section and save it.

Reset SugarCRM Admin Password via SQL or phpMyAdmin   TecAdmin - 26