The sight of a corded phone drilled into a wall, once ubiquitous in kitchens around the world, is now almost a relic. Imagine showing a young child a rotary phone and asking them to call someone on it - they may not even know where to begin. While some people keep these phones as conversation pieces or reminders of simpler times, TikTok user @justinflom has a clever trick with his landline phone.  The commenters on this video unanimously love this trick phone. “omg take my $$$,” offered Bricksboro. SOD1514 declared this is the “Best phone ever.” “Okay I need this,” conceded James Strong.  As prank devices go, this might be one of the best I’ve ever seen. Not only is it activated by a remote control, but it’s also a ringing “Rick Roll”, and who doesn’t love that? With the holidays around the corner, this might be the perfect gift for that certain someone in your life.