It has an ingenious design that can simultaneously charge two devices and provide a fast 10W maximum output for Samsung phones or 7.5W for your iPhone. The all black design is sophisticated, modern, and stands out without looking obnoxious. The rectangular charger even has a built-in compartment to hold your Watch cable. It’s a new age, innovative device that’s affordable, functional, and reliable with some cool features that you’ll want to know more about.

Product Information

What to Expect: 5 Best Attributes

The Seneo charger hits some noteworthy points, but let me dive deeper to explain why this 2-in-1 charger has become one of my favorites.

Top 5 Features

Dual Charging (Apple Watch & iPhone)

This is a fantastic product for Apple users with dual charge capabilities for the Watch and iPhone. It can even fast charge your device if you use a QC 2.0 or 3.0 adapter. In addition, the charger works with all other Qi phones including Galaxy products. How to Set Up To set up, you just have to slide the iWatch cable underneath the box, connect it, and install the plastic Watch unit onto the charger. Then you’ll just plug one end of the data cable into the charger and the other into an adapter. See the user guide if you’re having trouble. And that’s all there is to it. Now you can quickly charge up your favorite devices without lifting a finger.

Nightstand Mode

The Apple Watch stand allows you to place your Watch upward you so that you can see the time, date, and alarm at a glance. This makes the Seneo charger excellent for bedside nightstands and office settings. I love how easy it is to set my Watch down or pick it up when it’s fully charged. And best of all, the nearly invisible LED charging light won’t distract you at night.

Cable Storage

I already liked the sleek design of the charger, but I was even more excited to learn that you can tuck your Watch cable via a storage box underneath the device. There are even instructions inside the box and/or manual on how to wrap & store your cable the right way. The storage box is very accessible, it keeps things organized, and you never have to think twice about it.

Safe to Use

With numerous safety protections and certs from the FCC, CE, ID, and Qi, you’ll never have to worry about ruining your precious iPhone 11/11 Pro or Apple Watch. You’ll also get over-voltage, short-circuit, and over-temperature protections that will keep the device at comfortable temperatures without overclocking your units. When your products are fully charged, the chargers will respond accordingly and stop charging them. This is particularly excellent for overnight charging when you obviously aren’t paying attention to your phone or watch.

Affordable Price

At around $20, this is a fantastically affordable item that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. You won’t find many products like this at such a low price, and I know what you’re thinking…. Is this a cheaply made knock-off item? The price is one of the best parts about this item, and with additional warranties and customer service support included, there’s very little risk involved.

What Could Be Improved: 5 Biggest Issues

This product isn’t all sunshine and roses. Unfortunately, there are a few notable flaws that can’t be missed.

Top 5 Cons

Lacks QC Adapter

For those that already have a QC adapter, you’re in luck, but for those that don’t, tough luck. My take is that they didn’t want to include it to keep the price low, but an adapter isn’t that expensive and having it would be a nice bonus. I have plenty of QC adapters, so it’s not an issue, but it can be for a few customers because won’t get the fast charging without it.

No Watch Cable

I imagine most Watch users have an iWatch Cable, but it would still be neat to include an extra one just in case. This is a minor con but it’s important.

Lacks Vertical Phone Stand

You can only place the phone horizontally, not vertically, which eliminates a lot of potential functionality. If the Apple Stand is vertical, then I don’t see why the phone stand couldn’t be vertical too. I have other wireless chargers that have a vertical stand and the difference is night and day, so this is a big con for me.

Can’t Use 5W Apple Adapter

Senseo doesn’t recommend you use 5W adapters, third party cables, thicker cases, or any magnetic cases or pads to charge your units. That’s a ton of restrictions to abide by and some consumers won’t be very happy with them. However, I know why they’re there. And based on the reviews, I don’t think most people cared either.

Devices Can Still Get Hot

My phone and the charger still got hot after a while, and even Seneo acknowledged that devices can become hot. Now the charger will cut off the current if things get too hot, but it’s never good to approach those limits. Even the user guide suggests users turn off power consumption software before charging to prevent overheating.

Seneo Charger: Final Review

So how good is the Seneo 2-in-1 charger? Is it worth your time? I quite enjoyed testing out this product, and for the most part it does what it’s supposed to so I can’t fault its productivity. I would give the Seneo 2-in-1 Wireless Charger Pad 4 out of 5 stars. The charger’s premise is to power your Watch/smartphone relatively quickly without any distraction, and it does that well. Granted there’s not a lot to this device and it leaves out several important accessories and features, but that doesn’t make it a bad product. The nightstand mode is good, the cable compartment is a nice add-on, and you get dual, wireless charging at an affordable price. If you’re just looking for a good wireless charger that can simultaneously charge your Watch & Qi smartphone while you’re working or sleeping, then this will get the job done. The Seneo 2-in-1 Wireless Charger Pad is simple but it works, and at around $20, it’s convenience at a very low price point that’s tough to say no to.

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