Walter B Shillington Of course, life isn’t always about sleeping. Often, I like to stretch out on the bed, squeeze shut my eyes, and listen to the sound of heavy metal bouncing off the walls. Sadly, for this purpose, the tiny Echo device is woefully inadequate. I attempted to alleviate the problem by connecting a LyxPro PA speaker to the Echo Dot. That worked amazingly well, but you can’t run a 100-watt speaker in a small bedroom without eventually blowing out both your eardrums. I disconnected the LyxPro and searched for something a little less powerful. I also decided the speaker ought to be Bluetooth capable so that I could route music to it via my smartphone. My final choice was Asimom’s 45W Jewel Pro.


This speaker weighs in at 4.63 pounds. It is diamond-shaped with a height and width of approximately 12 inches and is almost 8 inches thick. Walter B Shillington The Jewel Pro’s cover consists of black cloth wrapped around a thin chunk of curved plastic. Concealed beneath, are two 2-inch neodymium drivers, one 3-inch subwoofer, and a 3.5-inch passive radiator. An on/off pushbutton perches at the very top of this device. The main unit, which houses the 45W amplifier, is composed of rigid plastic. Accessible from the back of the speaker are its power input, a 3.5mm auxiliary output, and a TF card slot. Two rubber-coated buttons adjust the speaker’s volume and allow playlist navigation. This speaker ships with a power adapter and a short 3.5mm auxiliary cable.


Manufacturer: Asimom Name: Powered speaker Model: Jewel Pro Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 30.4 centimeters (11.81 x 7.87 x 12 inches) Weight: 2.1 kilograms (4.63 pounds) Output: 45 Watts Tweeter: Two 2-inch neodymium drivers Passive Radiator: 3.5 inch Woofer: 3-inch True Wireless Stereo: Yes, with another Jewel Pro speaker USB output: No TF card slot: Yes Bluetooth compatible: Yes Wi-fi compatible: No Remote control: No Aux output: 3.5 millimeter Power requirement: AC Accessories: AC adapter and 3.5mm auxiliary cable

The Manufacturer

Asimom, a DOSS brand, is trademarked by Wonders Technology Co. Ltd. Walter B Shillington Walter B Shillington Walter B Shillington Walter B Shillington

Visual Appeal

This diamond-shaped speaker is uniquely designed and very attractive. Although it cannot be wall-mounted, this device has a small footprint and can be placed upon almost any solid surface.


The Jewel Pro may be used in conjunction with practically any device that connects via a 3.5-millimeter auxiliary cable or Bluetooth. It can also play music recorded to a TF card. My speaker is typically connected to the Alexa Echo device situated in my bedroom. Sometimes I will pair it to my phone and stream music from Deezer. The speakers incorporated into flatscreen television are generally uninspiring. If the television can connect to the speaker, the Jewel Pro should provide an improved listening experience. Two of these devices may be paired together to provide a stereo effect.

Sound Quality

I’ve compared the Jewel Pro to a couple of Polk Audio powered speakers and a LyxPro PA system. Walter B Shillington Walter B Shillington The Polk Audio S2 is a small, low powered wi-fi speaker equipped with an auxiliary 3.5mm input. I use a pair of them as part of my television’s surround-sound system. These devices are slightly cheaper than the Jewel Pro. They work very well but are not as powerful as my new speaker and provide noticeably less bass response. The Polk Audio S6, which I have connected to an Alexa Echo unit, is a larger and more powerful version of the S2. Its enclosure contains two 4-inch drivers and two ¾ inch tweeters. The S6 is slightly more expensive than the Jewel Pro. While this offering from Polk Audio provides superior sound than that of the Asimom speaker, it has less flexibility. The LyxPro SPA8, which is more expensive than the Jewel Pro, provides a similar sound but is equipped with a more powerful amplifier and benefits from its ability to adjust bass and treble. Asimom’s Jewel Pro is a decent speaker with plenty of power and impressive bass. It’s one drawback consists of a slight lack of response at higher frequencies when compared to more expensive systems.


This speaker weighs less than five pounds and can be easily carried. It does require AC but may be connected to a heavy-duty extension cord.

Quality Control

The Jewel Pro appears to be well built. I was particularly impressed by the solidness of the device, its metal legs, and the rubber feet, which are designed to quell vibrations and to prevent the speaker from sliding. Walter B Shillington Walter B Shillington

Overall Assessment

This unit outputs up to 45 watts and can be connected via Bluetooth, TF card, or an auxiliary cable. The output is loud and clear, although some people might feel the bass is slightly overaccentuated. If you are searching for a reasonably priced powered speaker with an emphasis on flexibility, the Asimom Jewel Pro would be an excellent option. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. © 2020 Walter Shillington

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