Walter Shillington But that is old news. Today I am testing FIIL’s brand-new T1XS Wireless Earphones. And I’m about to be amazed—hopefully—by the fascinating technological developments that have occurred over the last twelve months.


The FIIL T1XS arrived well packaged, nesting snugly in a foam container. The case, which doubles as the earbuds’ power bank, weighs in at one ounce. It measures 2.5-inches across, less than 1-inch deep, and 1.5-inches in height. Both the earphones and the case’s cover are held into place magnetically. The case is equipped with an LED charging indicator and a USB-C charging port. Each of the earbuds weighs about one-third of an ounce. Three sets of ear wings and four pairs of earpads are provided to ensure a proper fit. The package also includes a charging cable and a user’s guide.


Brand name: FIIL Model number: T1XS Control button: Touch control, two modes Active noise cancellation: No Communication: BT5.0 Volume control: Yes Auto ear sensor: Yes Style: In-ear Codecs: AAC, SBC Application: Yes Number of drivers: 2 Driver diameter: 6.1mm Waterproof: Yes Frequency response range: 15Hz - 22KHz Sensitivity: 95dB SPL@1mW Distortion: <3%@1mW Microphone: Yes, Dual mic NR Charging method: USB-C Charging case Charge time: Earbuds 45 mins, case 1 1/2 hours Playtime: 6 hours Playtime with charge case: Up to 24 hours Waterproof: IPX5 Case weight: 29g Item weight: 9.6g

The Manufacturer

FIIL is trademarked by Fengfan (Beijing) Technology. Walter Shillington

TWS Technology

True Wireless Stereo refers to a technology that allows two audio devices to be paired via Bluetooth. In the case of earbuds, different transmissions can be sent to the left and right earpieces. This permits the reception of a stereo signal.

Digital Signal Processing Technology

The T1XS is equipped with Digital Signal Processing Technology, which can be activated via the FIIL application. DSP improves sound quality by tweaking the original signal in several different ways. DSP generates wider frequency output, filters out reverberation, and includes automatic gain control and dynamic adjustment.


The FIIL T1XS earbuds are Bluetooth 5.0 capable and compatible with earlier versions. This device paired to both my computer and my smartphone quickly and without complications. Due to the inclusion of a microphone, these earphones can be used to make calls. Walter Shillington The theoretical maximum distance for Bluetooth 5.0 is 240 meters. Using the T1XS device, I lost the Bluetooth signal as soon as it was blocked by two walls. In a line-of-sight situation, Bluetooth works well up to twenty feet.


The earpieces appear to be well made and, once I’d selected the proper earpads, fit snugly and securely. I could wear these earbuds for far longer than expected without discomfort. These devices are rated IPX5. While they cannot be worn when swimming, a little rain will not hurt. The storage box protects the earbuds and keeps them charged when not in use.

The FIIL Application

I found this software to be quite flexible and easy to use. However, I suspect it is still under development as in several instances—none of them vitally important—instructions appear in Chinese. The application allows two modes of operation and is set initially to easy mode. In this case, the earbuds are controlled by the application. Full control mode allows the user to set volume and switch tracks employing touch-screen buttons located on the earphones. Since the application can only control these devices when they are paired with your phone, it is recommended that you switch to Full Control Mode if you plan to use the earbuds with other devices. This application includes an equalizer which allows various frequency setting to be tailored to the user’s preference. For lazy types, such as myself, three buttons can be used to jack up the bass, treble, or to revert to normal settings.

Pairing and Wear Detection

When removed from their case, the two earpieces automatically pair with each other. The first time you use the earbuds, your phone or computer must be set to search for them using Bluetooth. From then on, the earphones should automatically connect when removed from their case. When an earbud is removed from an ear, a wear sensor automatically cuts the earpiece’s input. This helps to extend battery life.

Battery Life

A single charge lasted about six hours when I maintained a volume level between 50-60 percent. For those setting their earbuds at higher volumes, operating time will drop. The storage case can recharge the earphones three times. Depending on volume levels, expect the total battery life of this system to range between 18 and 24 hours. Walter Shillington

Sound Quality

I was shocked by the quality of the music reproduced by these earbuds. Low, mid, and high range notes were clear, clean, and well separated. The tiny quarter-inch drivers produced sound that compared well against my expensive headphone with its far larger speakers.

Overall Impression

Although I wish their Bluetooth range stretched further, I like these earphones. They are comfortable, fit snugly, and reproduce music amazingly well. Battery life is excellent, and the total package is small enough to fit into the bottom of a pocket. I found the application to be particularly useful. A few of its benefits include an equalizer, a DSP option, and the ability to adjust or change several key parameters. The FIIL T1XS is strongly recommended.

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