Walter Shillington I’d hate to lose this bike and, since my garage isn’t as secure as I would like, I decided to install a security camera.


The camera arrived well packaged in a cardboard box. This device weighs in at 9.98 ounces, and its dimensions measure 4 x 2 x 1.9 inches. Walter Shillington This camera’s body is mainly composed of gray plastic. An LED at the top of its darkly colored and slightly transparent faceplate indicates the camera’s status. Below that, a camera lens, a passive infrared motion sensor, and a microphone are positioned. Several infrared lights, used to support night vision, circle the lens. The camera’s speaker grill perforates the back of this unit. Below this, a rubber seal conceals a powerful magnet. The thick rubber gasket positioned at the bottom can be removed to reveal the camera’s power button, mini-USB charging port, reset key, and TF card slot.
Two 21700 lithium batteries with a combined capacity of 10,000mAh are used to power this device. The camera is rated IP65, meaning its enclosure protects against low-pressure water jets from any direction, as well as condensation and water spray.


Manufacturer: Meco Name: Smart Wi-fi Security Outdoor Camera Weight: 282 grams (9.98 ounces) Dimensions: 10.2 x 5.1 x 4.8 centimeters (4 x 2 x 1.9 inches) Camera: Full High-Definition video camera Lens: 120-degree wide-angle Automatic night vision: Yes. 850nm IR lights up to 10 meters (32 feet) Motion detection: Passive Infrared adjustable up to 10 meters (32 feet) Max Resolution: 2MP, 1920p x 1080p Audio: Microphone and speaker Wi-fi: 2.4G, 802.11 b/g/n Security: WEP, WPA, WPA2 Image Sensor: Full color. CMOS, auto-adaptive white/black balance, and exposure Compatibility: Apple and Android phones Application: Cloudedge Battery: Two rechargeable 21700 lithium batteries, total capacity is 10,000mAh Storage capacity: Can accommodate micro-SD card up to 128GB Data security: Dedicated encryption chip Accessories: Metal stand, magnetic mount, user guide, micro-USB cable, double-sided adhesive, screws, and reset pin

Video, Communication, and Motion Detection

The Meco camera defaults to 720p video when first enabled and provides 120-degrees of coverage. Video quality can be changed to 1080p by going to the application’s live screen and tapping the SD symbol. From here, HD (1080p) can be selected. If the wi-fi signal is weak, SD may produce smoother videos. Walter Shillington Walter Shillington When required at night, an infrared light provides grayscale video with a range of up to 32 feet. A passive infrared motion detection system can be turned on or off via the Cloudedge application. While this system normally remains in standby mode to conserve power, movement within 32 feet wakens the camera. It then begins to record video and sends an alert to associated cellphones. At this point, voice communication can be initiated with the unexpected visitor using the Cloudedge application.

Cloudedge Application

This software package can be downloaded to a smartphone. Cloudedge is used to set up the security camera and utilize its features. An alert is sent to the phone when the camera’s motion detection system notes movement. At this point, the phone application can be used to view and communicate with the visitor. Cloudedge software can accommodate many devices. I have both a doorbell and this security camera installed onto the application. This application can be downloaded onto the phones of anyone who requires access to this security camera. The only stipulation is that separate accounts must be set up for each user.


This camera connects to the internet via wi-fi. It should be mounted in a position where signal strength is 80% or better. If the signal is weaker than ideal, bandwidth can be conserved by changing to the 720p video mode.


While cloud storage is available at a cost, video and sound can also be recorded on a micro-SD card.
Walter Shillington Walter Shillington

Power Supply

This camera is equipped with two internal 21700 lithium batteries with a total capacity of 10,000mAh. The manufacturer states that this system can be activated 1400 times before a recharge is required. I estimate an operational capability of three months between charges. If you plan to mount this camera outside, it might be beneficial to purchase Meco’s optional solar panel.

Mounting System

This unit comes with an adjustable metal stand that can be connected to the camera in the same manner as a tripod. Then the stand may be attached to a solid surface using screws. A nifty magnetic ball mount is also included. This can be slid onto protruding screw heads or, if used indoors, stuck to a wall utilizing one of the double-sided adhesive pads. When the camera’s back is placed against the metal ball, an internal magnet holds it fast. Angle adjustments may be quickly completed, although the metal stand does allow a greater range of movement.

Security Camera Tests

Since winter is about to arrive, bringing a heavy carpet of snow, I have delayed my plan to mount the camera outside. Instead, I placed the Meco security camera atop my piano, where it can cover both my living and dining rooms. Its view encompasses both rooms well, although the wide-angle lens does produce the expected fisheye effect. This system is geared for low-level light. Bright lights are a bit overwhelming, but this device performs exceptionally well when it is very dim. At night the camera projects infrared lights to help provide a decent grayscale video. While I turn the motion detector off each morning, I reengage it whenever I leave the house or head up to bed. If anyone were to break into the building, I would receive an alert on the phone as soon as motion is detected, and a short video would be recorded onto the camera’s micro-SDHC card.

Overall Impression

This is a well designed and constructed security camera. It works well inside my house and, because the wi-fi signal at my back door is strong, I expect the Meco Security Camera will perform effectively when transplanted outside. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. © 2020 Walter Shillington

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