The site offers this pithy summary: The great thing about Redbubble phone cases is that each design can fit dozens of different types of iPhones and Samsung models. And the cases can be individualized. Artists upload a wide variety of images to Redbubble giving customers thousands of design choices. If you’re a pop culture fan, you will find all kinds of designs for all kinds of shows and artists. Although, there’s no way to know whether the designs are legal. Some artists license their work with the rights holders, but others upload images in violation of copyrights. If you’re buying a phone case you want it to look nice, but you also want it to protect your phone. Redbubble offers three types of cases:

Soft Snap Tough

You should choose the Tough case to protect your phone from damage if it’s dropped. The Tough case has two parts: an inner piece made of black rubbery material and an outer snap piece that has your chosen design.

Finding the Right Design

Redbubble has so many design options, it can be overwhelming. To narrow down the options, choose something you like. This could be anything. If you type in trees, you will be met with lots of beautiful designs. If you like certain television shows or pop stars, type the appropriate search term, and then choose Phone Cases from the menu on the left. You can further filter by character. Scroll down in the search results or go to the left side menu to filter for your particular phone: iPhone Cases or Samsung Cases. When you click on a design you like, you will be given the option to choose your particular phone model, and you will be able to choose the type of case you want.

Pros of the Tough Case

Tough cases are the most expensive option. They cost about $5 more than Snap cases. It may be tempting to save money by choosing a soft or Snap case but to protect your phone properly, Tough is the best choice. I bought a Tough case for my Samsung Galaxy S10e, so I can only refer to my experience with that particular case. The biggest pro is that the rubbery inner piece fits snugly on my phone. It would be close to impossible for the phone to pop out in a fall. The rubber case also has a raised edge around the screen, so if you place your phone screen down, the screen won’t touch the surface. The rubbery case covers the volume buttons but not the power button for my phone model. Even though the case is thick, I can still use an L-shaped 3.5mm headphone jack without any issues. The phone still feels slim in this case, which is a little less bulky than my previous case. The snap-on piece holds tight to the phone as well. Mine is on so tight that I can’t imagine it would come off even in a bad fall, so it provides another layer of protection.

Cons of the Tough Case

However, your purchase does help to support independent artists, and you will get a case customized to your personal tastes. While the rubbery portion should be enough to protect a phone from falls, the snap-on case is made of hard plastic. It could potentially crack under the right circumstances. The snap-on piece is very smooth, likely to make the printing process easy. That probably won’t bother anyone who usually buys smooth cases. I’m used to phone cases with grips on the back and sides. Grips can help prevent falls by making a phone less slippery. Switching to a completely smooth case was an adjustment for me, and I feel I have to be more careful with such a smooth phone case.

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