Walter Shillington This spring, I picked up one of those fancy Cube4 portable projectors. The new projector works great, but I suspect its pair of 5W speakers will not provide a theatre-like experience when used outdoors. I checked around, searching for a portable Bluetooth speaker with plenty of power, decent battery life, and good sound. In the end, I chose the Tribit StormBox Pro.


The StormBox Pro is conical in shape and colored black. It weighs 2.15 pounds and is 7 inches tall with a diameter of 3.8 inches. The StormBox Pro is covered in soft black fabric. A rubber gasket at the back conceals two ports. The C-type port is used for charging the device. Those wishing to utilize the speaker’s battery to charge their phone or tablet can connect it to the USB-A port. The StormBox Pro is fitted with a thick rubber carrying strap. The power switch, multifunctional button, volume control, pairing, and bass button are located at the top of the speaker. Five LEDs indicate the state of the battery. This device is equipped with two 1.6-inch tweeters and a down-firing 3.1-inch speaker, producing a maximum output of 40 watts. To ensure a playtime approaching 24 hours, the StormBox Pro is fitted with two 5000mAh rechargeable batteries.


Brand: Tribit Name: StormBox Pro Model: BTS31 Bluetooth Version: 5.0 Output power: 40W Speakers: Two 40mm (1.6 inches) plus one 80mm (3.1 inches) Frequency range: 60Hz – 20KHz Frequency band: 2.402Ghz – 2.480Ghz Maximum transmission power: ≤9dBm Power source: A pair of 3.7V 5000mAh lithium batteries Charging time: 7 hours (5V/2A) Dimensions: 96 x 96 x 180 millimeters (3.8 x 3.8 x 7 inches) Weight: 974 grams (2.15 pounds) Water resistance: IP67

Visual Appeal

The StormBox Pro was designed to blend unnoticed into the background. Walter Shillington

Power Output and Speakers

7.5 watts of power are directed to each of the 1.6-inch tweeters. These speakers face away from each other, helping to create a stereo effect. The remaining 25 watts of power are directed to a 3.1-inch down-firing speaker. There are also a pair of passive radiators.


This device is fitted with two 3.7V 5000mAh batteries. According to the manufacturer, these batteries provide enough power to run the speaker for 24 hours.


Excellent water resistance, long battery life, and a sturdy strap ensure the StormBox Pro can be carried and used almost anywhere. However, this speaker is not suitable for backpackers due to its weight and size. Walter Shillington

The Projector Test

I tested the StormBox Pro in conjunction with the projector mounted to my dining room ceiling. The StormBox Pro connected quickly via Bluetooth. I placed it across the room, just below the projector’s screen, set its volume to 80%, and pressed the bass button. The speaker performed far better than the projector’s built-in 5-watt speaker. I could detect the stereo effect, and the volume was loud enough to fill the room. Voices were distinct and in sync with the movement of the actor’s lips. The bass was quite good but, as expected, could not compete with the subwoofer-equipped soundbar normally used with the projector. After three hours of use, the LEDs measuring the speaker’s battery level had dropped from five bars to four.

The Phone and Tablet Test

Walter Shillington When the volume is set very high, I recommend that you avoid boosting the bass. At this point, the added bass begins to override the high and middle range frequencies. My next test was to connect the StormBox Pro to my tablet. As with the phone and projector, the tablet quickly paired and connected to the speaker. I accessed my Netflix account and watched a movie. The sound was great, outperforming the cheaper and less powerful Bluetooth speaker the StormBox Pro replaced.

The Desktop Computer Test

Twenty years ago, I added an expensive Creative Labs sound system to my desktop computer. While it initially worked great, time has taken its toll. Two of the four satellite speakers have died, and even at low volume, there is irritating feedback. Walter Shillington I’m not going to replace this system with the StormBox Pro, but I wanted to see if a Bluetooth speaker would work effectively with a desktop computer. If I liked the result, I planned to purchase a set of Bluetooth speakers that could be connected to a household power outlet. Sound proved to be crisp, accurate, and without feedback. Volume was good, although not as loud as the output of the high wattage system it replaced. I rebooted the computer. The computer searched for the StormBox Pro and automatically reconnected as it was reloading. The next step was to stream Universal Soldier. Partway through the movie, I switched off the Bluetooth speaker. At this point, the computer shifted its audio output to my old Creative Labs system. Once I turned the StormBox Pro back on, the computer automatically switched its audio output to the Bluetooth speaker.

Overall Impression

While not competitive when unfairly compared with my expensive and powerful JBL soundbar, the StormBox Pro outputs good quality sound. Its relatively small 3.1-inch speaker produces more bass than expected, and Tribit has managed to provide a decent stereo effect using two tweeters in a single speaker case. Walter Shillington The bass button improves the sound output, especially when the volume is set to low or medium levels. However, it would have been nice if Tribit had also included buttons that could jack up the high and medium frequencies. The inclusion of pair of 5000mAh batteries is a nice touch. They will keep the StormBox Pro running for far longer than its competitors. If you are searching for a powerful but portable Bluetooth speaker that benefits from excellent water resistance and long battery life, you should take a close look at the Tribit StormBox Pro. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. © 2022 Walter Shillington

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