Missing out on important calls when you aren’t near your iPhone is another story. But when your iPhone is to be blamed, you might have to experience this situation a couple of times more unless you get it fixed. However, you need to know the main cause beforehand. For some users, the issue arises due to the ringer switch being broken or the accumulation of dust particles in the speakers over time. Other than that, certain features like Focus mode or Attention Aware can also result in the ringer volume too low or fades on iPhone. You can quickly resolve all these factors with the right troubleshooting methods. Lucky for you, we’ve done the research on your part, so you only have to go through the listed methods and follow them carefully. Hopefully, your ringer volume will become loud again in no time. So what’s the wait for? Let’s get right to it!

1. Increase Ringtone Volume.

If your ringtone starts and continues to be low in volume, the first step you should do is check the ringtone volume. You might have turned it down earlier, or the selected ringtone might not be loud enough. We suggest you maximize the ringtone volume and check if the issue gets resolved.  There are two ways to change your ringtone volume on your iPhone, from Settings or with the Volume buttons. For the latter, though, you’ll need to turn on the associated options in Settings. Below are the steps you need to follow: You can now use the Volume up and Volume down buttons to change the ringtone volume of your device. Now, when you receive calls, your device should ring loudly. 

2. Switch to a Louder Ringtone.

You might be experiencing the low ringtone volume issue because the selected ringtone isn’t loud enough. In this situation, go through all the available options and pick the loudest one. Then check if that resolves the problem. Use the steps below to switch to another default ringtone on your iPhone:

3. Toggle the Ringer On/Off.

In case your ringtone volume is completely mute, although you’ve followed the first method and increased your volume, you might want to take a look at your ringer switch. When in the red position, your iPhone will be put on Silent mode, muting all incoming calls.  To fix the issue, toggle it on and off to give it a quick refresh. If it still doesn’t fix the ringer volume too low or fades on iPhone, check if the switch is broken. You can use Assistive Touch to mute and unmute your device. If that works, take your iPhone to a nearby Apple store to get your hardware problem fixed.

4. Disable Attention Aware Features.

At times, your iPhone’s ringtone volume may decrease automatically upon receiving a call. This doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong with your device. In fact, the fading occurs due to the incredible Attention Aware features. Enabled by default, it is associated with Face ID even if you’ve not set it up. The feature looks for your attention and automatically mutes incoming alerts, and even prevents dimming of the display while you’re looking at the iPhone. If you want to disable the feature, follow the steps below:

5. Hard Reset Your iPhone.

If every setting works exactly as it should, the issue of the ringer volume too low or fades on iPhone could be due to a software bug or system glitch. Most of the time, such culprits can be eliminated by hard resetting your iPhone. It deletes all background activity and stored cache, giving your device a fresh start. Follow the instructions below to do it: This should fix the volume too low or fades on iPhone issue. 

6. Clean the iPhone Speakers.

The applied accessories on your iPhone can also hamper the ringtone volume, such as a screen protector or a case that covers the speakers. Other than that, dirt or debris can also get accumulated in or around the area, affecting the device volume.  In these situations, remove the accessories and clean the speakers with a soft and dry brush or use a microfiber cloth. If you believe it to be a hardware problem, seek professional help immediately.

7. Disable Focus Mode.

The focus mode helps you direct all your attention toward whatever task you’re performing by blocking all notifications. So if you’re unable to hear the incoming calls, you could not be receiving them at all as you might have accidentally entered the Focus mode. In fact, after the new Link Focus to Lock Screen feature, it’s easier to make this mistake as a quick change of lock screen can trigger the Focus mode. Thus, disable the Focus mode by following the steps below and see if that resolves the issue: That was it! You’ve made it to the end of our guide on how to fix ringer volume too low or fades on iPhone. For more tips or suggestions, use the comment section below and help other readers.  If this guide helped you, please share it. 😊