The clip, made available to the world by @boutique.watch13, provides the foundation for some Internet chatter. “Absolutely amazing work!” writes viewer of the video @michael365247. “Thank you for sharing.” “Wow, very nice!” exclaims @tish1219. User @anatatysisk agrees. “Superb!” she says. “He had to buy a few new parts to make it work properly but that’s great work!” acknowledges @edriveraspeaks. “That’s a beautiful change,” notes @xplics. Reader @nasni051972 seems inspired. “I want to learn how to do this,” he remarks. “How do you keep up with every tiny part?” asks @183520m. “I guess that is art….” “It truly is amazing how precise at their craft they are,” admires @arthurkoppafiel. “Very satisfying to watch!” Video watcher @lebron_goat sums it all up like this: “That’s so good it almost doesn’t seem real,” he surmises. Recommended for you

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