Posted to TikTok by user @b3n_f_, the clip elicits some opinions in the comments section. “This is why they are tested before real people go on them,” says enthusiast @prairiegeologist. “Rollercoasters are the best.” “Looks good to me,” writes commenter @yotatundra. “My ex wants a ride now.” “I have a couple ex-friends that would like to ride now, too,” agrees @vampiric_kitten. “Those dolls are basically weightless, which affects the gravity on it,” explains @brewington531. “Not because the rollercoaster was improperly built.” User @trevorshelton9 agrees. “Dawg, this is why they have testing,” he says. “Why are people tripping?” “That rollercoaster is perfectly safe,” surmises @blandpizza. “The doll clearly jumped.” Recommended For You

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