Rooting Marshmallow based HTC One M8 is different from rooting Lolipop version. The following guide demonstrates everything you need to root the HTC One M8 smartphone so you can install any of the apps that need root access.


Backup all the data on the M8 smartphone. You can use the custom recovery partition when it is booted up during the guide to take an NANDroid Backup from the recovery menu. You will need to unlock the bootloader of your M8 and install the fastboot driver on your computer. Enable USB Debugging on your device by going to Settings > Developer options and check USB Debugging mode.


Rooting your Android device will void its warranty. We will not be held responsible for any damage caused to your device using the tutorial. Do it on your own risk.

Downloads here

How to Flash TWRP on HTC One M8

  1. Connect your HTC M8 with your computer using the USB cable.
  2. Open Fastboot command prompts into your computer.
  3. Enter “adb devices” into the command prompt to check that your device is connected successfully.
  4. Enter the command “adb reboot download” to boot your device into fastboot mode.
  5. Now, enter “fastboot flash recovery twrp-recovery-file-path” (change twrp-recovery-file-path with the path where you save TWRP Recovery image file) to flash TWRP.

Now Root HTC One M8

  1. Transfer and to your HTC device.
  2. Enter the command “adb reboot bootloader” into the command prompt to boot into bootloader mode.
  3. Select boot to recovery from bootloader mode with the help of Volume keys and Power button.
  4. Now hit Install button in TWRP recovery and locate / select the file.
  5. Swipe to flash the file and go back.
  6. Again, locate and select file and flash it on your One M8. Wait for the flashing to finish, and then Reboot your device. That’s it, your HTC one M8 is now rooted on Android Marshmallow. For queries, comment below.