Why Custom ROMs

ROMs are general a skin over the stock android interface. Many different manufacturers have different skins, with little to too much of optimizations and customizations of the default android. This skin is called the ROM. The thing I like about custom ROMs is you can remove bloatware (apps come pre-installed on devices). There are tons of other features you’ll see, once you flash a custom ROM. You are more free to turn them off than you are on a stock Google or OEM ROM. And, of course, you are free to add even more as your heart desires.


You need to flash these custom ROMs at your own risk as we would not be responsible for anything that happens thereafter. Although it has become a lot easier compared to Android’s early years, there are still so many things that could go wrong. If you’re willing to take a risk make it worth it.

Pre Requisites:

Make sure that the phone has been properly charged. The data on the phone may get deleted, so make sure that you get a secure backup before you begin. You need to have root access on the device, to Verify Root Just Download Root Checker app. You also need an updated custom recovery installed on your device.

This is a list of the ROMs available for your device. To  increase the performance and add many customizations and features. Before you begin with the procedure to flash the ROMs on your phone, make sure that the phone has been properly charged, and the data backed up.

Dr.Ketan ROM

Dr. Ketan’s ROM for the Note 5 adds a lot of customisation and usability features to the handset. The developer has also tweaked the ROM to improve RAM management and overall system performance. The ROM also enables you to use the camera even if the battery is critically low to get that important shot. By installing this ROM you will also get native call and SMS block support as well as a great call recorder. Another thing that annoys a lot of people is warning message that pops up when you crack the volume all the way up; this ROM gets rid of that as well. Dr. Ketan ROM > Download Link


This is another great custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 simply because it eradicates a lot of bloatware from the phone. One good thing about this app is that it sets the animation scale to 0.25 which results in a fluid and faster user interface. If you want an a ROM that offers almost all imaginable customisation options and performance tweaks, Venom-Note from developer riirezende is worth a shot. Other notable features of the ROM include support for 1033 fonts, Adblock, stock Google emoji, various camera modes, and game tuner. Venom-Note

Ditto Note 5

It takes everything featured on the newer Galaxy Edge S7 and brings it back to the larger phone. You’ll be getting almost all the edge features as well as air message in this ROM. This is an already rooted ROM so you won’t need to root it again. It comes in an easy to install standalone zip file so all you need to do is put it on your smartphone and flash it. Ditto Note 7 ROM > Download Link

Decent ROM

This ROM is slightly de-bloated and this makes it quite a bit faster than the Samsung’s Android skin found on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Another important aspect of this ROM is that it has removed all of the Google Play Store apps from the device. You’ll need to install them as you wish and they won’t be marked as system apps either. The app has removed few of Samsung’s bloatware and is completely Knox free. Decent ROM Minautaurus ROM > Download Link TEKXodus ROM > Download Link