But that shouldn’t make you dissappointed. If you can’t wait and eagerly want to try the One UI beta for Galaxy S8 and S8+ you can do that by simply signing up for Samsung’s beta program. A word of caution before jumping the gun here: “This is only a beta version of Android 9.0 Pie update and as such it will contain bugs and rough edges. So keep that in mind.” P.S Its available for Indian Users only. Bummer, i know! Now with that out of the way lets see how you can sign-up for the program.

Steps to sign-up for the One UI beta program

Enjoy your new One UI update. As it is a beta so their will undoubtedly be issues. Don’t forget to give regular feedback to Samsung. The feedback will not only help you solve issues you are having with your device but will also allow Samsung to tweak their experience and iron out bugs. Be sure to follow us and drop a comment if you have any questions. Peace!