One solution being provided is going with offshore housing, like on large naval crafts. This approach allows for more innovation in design, along with utilizing the majority of Earth’s surface, which many expect to grow as sea level rise and floods low-lying areas, many of which are major population centers. This video from TikTok user @businessloop shows what could be first of a new wave (no pun intended) of residential options.  While this design looks amazing (and who wouldn’t want to live on a giant turtle), there are some major questions as to the feasibility of this and similar future endeavors. Namely, who the heck can afford to live on this floating luxury community? These properties are probably multiple times more expensive than normal condos or houses and will likely be additional properties for the ultra-wealthy to use for “vacation homes.” Commenters raised some concerns after seeing this video. Mike B remarked, “see the movie “Elysium” and you can guess where this will end. the gap between rich and poor grows bigger.” “Let’s see how it does in a tropical storm,” suggested Jordan Maniglio. TABello1207 asked, “Where does the waste go?”