Uploaded to TikTok by user @crimeoncamera, this clip sets up some discussion in the comments. “She stood there looking around like she was shopping at a store,” writes commenter @fatty_burrito. “But you saw her,” says @sobeekiller. “Why wait so long?” “Why didn’t you go outside when she pulled her truck to your front door and then got out looking around?” asks @racheladams2702. “Why wait so long to say something?” “She should have answered faster,” agrees @meeshay2022. “That’s what I’m gonna start doing when people don’t answer the door. Now you gotta come to me!” “The caption says ’tries to catch her,’” notices @loyalmarie31. “Did I miss a part?” Video viewer @aidanhall03 notices a point we saw as well. “Two seconds earlier and they would have reversed straight into the people riding bikes,” she observes. Recommended For You

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