A lot of what we do online is open for others to view, whether we want this or not. While unfortunate, it is a reality of the online world, and it is not just advertisers and brands attempting to use this information to determine who we are. TikTok user @chrisjr404 explained how this digital footprint can be considered in job applications.  Those who entered the workforce from college in the past decade-plus have heard this warning before regarding social media accounts, with some taking great efforts to “scrub” them of potentially compromising content. We have seen digital footprints adversely affect law enforcement members and other public figures, so there is some validity to these efforts by hiring companies.  Commenters had some negative reactions to this video. Hunter Bishop asked, “If a company digs that deep on me, I don’t want to work there anyway. I can’t have a personal life away from work?” “Me personally, I think if they found my social media I would be hired on the spot. I have the best Pinterest ever,” claimed Marie. Trickyvic wondered, “Eventually they’re going to run out of candidates because what 30 yr. old in 2030 isn’t going to have a questionable digital footprint??”