In this clip, however, we notice an additional detail that reveals an added engineering step that makes the process easier. Watch and see if you can spot it in this video posted by TikTok user @tech.


“Awesome!” says a commenter who is obviously impressed with the engineering. “Well, they steam it first. Also, it looks like it was cut into strips,” observes a viewer of the video. That does appear to be the trick here. The strips are bendable, so you stack a number of those together and bend along the width of the strips where it’s possible. This user latches onto the same thing. “Smart. Many pieces of wood, assembled all as one, looking like one bendable long log, but its actually not.” “Imagine that thing slips from the rope hes like, weeeeeeee!” surmises a reader. “You could not pay me enough to be the green jacket guy,” agrees another. This user doesn’t seem to see the end of the wood that reveals the trick. “Yeah just skip the whole process of how it’s able to bend,” he writes. So the technology and engineering here are revealed by one detail in the video. Congratulations if you noticed it before reading what it is. Recommended for you

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