Take a look at what that is and the monkeys’ delightful reaction on this video posted by TikTok user @animalword21.


“Give them each a new phone,” one commenter says, “And they will be posting TikToks in a few days.” “Future NASA engineers,” another surmises. A user observes, “One of them tried to pick up a banana from the screen.” The older one looked at its thumb after touching the screen," writes a viewer of the video. “Funny.” “They are so funny!” exclaims a user. “The Lil one checking mom’s hand and be like ‘did you get it?’” notes a reader. “Imagine going back in time and giving a neanderthal a phone,” a user suggests. “Evolution technology is getting faster. Imagine the future.” This video watcher speculates that, “The little one is saying. ‘Mum, do not fall for that gadget.’” “Though they are far behind in evolution, they are catching up,” a commenter writes. This user summarizes things succinctly: “So cute and funny.” Recommended for you

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