The clip, posted by @_bby.ashx, sets the foundation for some discussion in the comments. “This was my dream school,” writes commenter @_theonlyiyani. “Scraps,” suggests @thecountdown20. “Because they pay NYC rent.” “It must be summer,” remarks @b8byk3. To which the creator of the video replies, “New York weather is very bipolar, OK.” “This is all art schools, to be honest,” notes @emekaj20. “I went there and wore leggings, sweaters and sneakers all the time,” confesses @michsaraa. Video viewer @the.real.miguel joins the conversation. “I wish someone at my university recorded my daily outfits like this,” she says. “I’m the first one, OMG!” exclaims @venusian.doll. “They’ve got the style,” notes @anamachuca56. “That’s why they are in fashion school.” “I go to a different fashion school and wear leggings and a sweatshirt,” remarks @anamachuca56. “I can’t dress up every day. I have laundry to pay for.” “Are there any ‘average’ dressing fashion students?” asks @rico_not_suave. “I know we can’t all be flowing with creative genius.”