Posted to TikTok by user @tech, the video below shows the phenomenon, filmed from point of view by a headcam.


“Good video!” exclaims @gui.lindo.eita. Viewer of the video @football_fanpage69 has a name for it, calling the device an “electric unicycle.” Wanting some more information, user @boiitzzcookie asks, “What’s that called?” It’s called a segway, and we thought we’d gather some information and tips for readers that might be doing some research or shopping for one. Safety should be a primary concern when looking for a segway. “To avoid a fire risk, make sure that it has a relevant certification,” says Gadgets Reviews. “The device should meet the UL standard, which assesses the safety of such vehicles and their charger systems. Another thing you should take into consideration is how reliable the construction of the device is. The frame should be made from robust material while the wheels should be large enough and durable. What determines a segway’s performance is its max speed and distance range. Choose a vehicle that can travel no less than 10 miles per hour and covers a distance of at least 13 miles on a charge.” Also, it’s important to consider the time it takes to charge the battery. This information should be available from suppliers when looking at different models.

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