This makes it possible to write tests in the language that you are most comfortable with. In addition, Selenium has a large user community that provides support and help when needed. In this blog post, you will learn to set up a Selenium environment on an Ubuntu system. Also provides you with a few examples of Selenium scripts written in Python.


You must have Sudo privileged account access to the Ubuntu system. One of the examples also required a desktop environment to be installed.

Step 1: Installing Google Chrome

Use the below steps to install the latest Google Chrome browser on Ubuntu and Debian systems. This will complete the Google Chrome on your Ubuntu or Debian system. This will also create an Apt PPA file for further upgrades.

Step 2: Installing Selenium and Webdriver for Python

We will use a virtual environment for running Python scripts. Follow the below steps to create Python virtual environment and install the required python modules.

Example 1: Selenium Python Script with Headless Chrome

Your system is ready to run Selenium scripts written in Python. Now, create a sample selenium script in Python that fetches the title of a website. This script will run headless, So you can run it without an X desktop environment. You can simply SSH to your system and run the below example:

Example 2: Selenium Python Script with Chrome GUI

In order to run this example, the Ubuntu system must have installed a Desktop environment. If the desktop is not installed, use another tutorial to install the Desktop environment on Ubuntu systems. Running the Selenium Python Script Now, log in to the desktop interface and try to run the below example.


In this tutorial, you have learned about the configuration of Selenium for Python on Ubuntu and Debian Linux systems. Also provides you with two Selenium examples. Hope this tutorial helps you to understand to run Selenium with Python.

Write the changes to file with CTRL + O and close this with keyboard shortcut CTRL + X

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