Maybe your password is easy because creating and recalling strong passwords is a big deal. That’s right, No one can remember a complex password like $*@54_%$… And everyone will agree with me. No matter how hard you try, it’s just impossible to get away from passwords. Google’s method to sync your passwords between Chrome and Android works well, but very few developers have implemented it. Thats where you need a password manager, and the 5 best Apps for Android out there are below.

1. LastPass

LastPass is on top of our list and one of the most well-known password managers out there. All of your passwords are encrypted and stored on LastPass servers. All you have to do is memorize a master password. Knowing this password grants you access to all of your other passwords. Not just that LastPass will remember your credentials and auto-fill the next time you need to log in. There are two versions of LastPass – free and premium. Both can store an unlimited number of account logins in a secure vault protected by a master password. It provides extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Download from Play Store

2. Dashlane

Dashlane is LastPass’s serious Rival, one tap is all it takes to log into websites or enter your credit card details. All data and communication is encrypted with AES-256 and the app auto-locks after inactivity. It comes with a password generator, and if the service detects a security breach, it will alert you about it. Its clean and modern interface will impress you. In addition to the Windows desktop password manager, there are versions for Mac, Android and iOS and with Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It’s available as free and premium, premium edition of Dashlane costs US$39.99 per year. Download from Play Store

3. RoboForm

Roboform claims to be the world’s best password manager. But the free version doesn’t offer much as it only lets you store up to 10 logins. However, premium version does what it’s supposed to do pretty well and includes bookmarks so you can find your most used passwords quickly. It also has support for multi-step logins which fairly convenient. A premium account costs US$9.95 (about £7.55, AU£13.20) for the first year. Download from Play Store

4. mSecure

mSecure works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and most recently, Windows Phone. mSecure is one of those password managers that has been around forever. This app remembers your credentials for apps and websites and makes it easy to one-tap login the next time around. If someone steals your Android device, mSecure provides a self-destruct feature that wipes data when it detects unauthorized tampering. It’s a solid all-around option, although the lack of a free version may give some people pause. Supports the basic stuff, 256- bit AES encryption, a password generator and the ability to backup your data to your SD card. Download from Play Store

5. Keeper

This one is with a lot of features. Keeper’s main feature is having both 256-bit AES and PBKDF2 encryption which definitely helps one feel safe. It covers the basics and includes auto-fill passwords in various apps and websites. Also includes a photo and video vault where you can store sensitive images or videos and fingerprint lock support. You can also sync between devices and store your data in the cloud if you want to. Give it a try! Download from Play Store

6. KeePass

Another cool password manager KeePass is open source. When you’re trusting a service with all of your important passwords, wouldn’t you want assurance that they aren’t tampering with that information? You can’t get this kind of guarantee with proprietary software, but the open source philosophy allows you to peek at the code and see what’s happening under the hood. The password manager is small enough to run from USB without installing on a PC. Download from Play Store That’s all, Have we missed your favorite? Let us know in the comments.