It can be difficult to navigate these meetings, mentally and physically. A room full of chairs jutting haphazardly out from a table can be tricky to work around, especially for those with visual or ambulatory impairments. However, there seems to be a solution to these unruly chairs, as TikTok user @daily_dose_of_stem shows in this amazing video. Commenters acknowledge this is a novel solution to a common problem but also think this could create other issues. “Imagine you at midnight, cleaning or moping the floor and suddenly the chairs move,” remarked Bus Spotter Verdan. King Lucifer raised this possibility, “your boss calls for you and the chair just wisks you away to their office.” “new employees will run and scream ghost,” suggested Afterlife.  While this is a clever idea to resolve something that plagues some offices (I extend my sympathies if you work with people who don’t have the decency to push in chairs), this seems not terribly cost-effective. It is interesting to see if this smart technology will appear in more offices as they get more tech-savvy, or if managers will consider this another frivolous expense.