Potential national security concerns aside, there are still people who look at social media as fraught with peril, focusing more on possible missteps than the potential to help brands. There are risks to individual users who want to safely participate on these platforms but many of these can be managed with some preparation. As TikTok user @hannahsocialfolk shows, some self-care can go a long way in avoiding unwanted intrusion.  Maybe this is biased since I have worked in social media, but there may be no better experts in the field than the folks who do it every day (and often have to justify their work to bosses who think it’s all too risky). However, it would be helpful to see the platforms themselves promote these security measures more proactively.  Commenters showed their appreciation for this vital how-to. Miss Betty’s Adventures replied, “Thanks for sharing. I check regularly and you reminded me to do it again.” “Very true. Most apps do this,” noted Susan Wojcicki. nandini admitted, “I literally recheck this regularly cause I’m paranoid TikTok will change it.”