That confusion you feel right now is probably similar to what it’s like for an artificial intelligence to answer the same question by drawing. An AI has no body, so what does it end up drawing when asked to draw itself? Naturally, things get really weird … really quickly.


The AI’s first response to TikToker A.I. Art’s question immediately goes for the insane and interpretive. Besides, what else would you do when asked such a difficult question? We can’t even begin to describe some of these images that were created by the AI, but it does eventually begin to create images that remotely look humanoid. Again, these AI apps work by digesting massive data sets of searches and image results (originally generated by humans) and amalgamating them into a new image based on the query it receives. However, what could the AI possibly do with “draw what AI looks like?” When searching for images of “artificial intelligence,” a lot of different results come up, particularly futuristic cities and robot-like creatures. So, knowing that helps the AI’s answers make a bit more sense. And, who knows, perhaps that’s what AI looks like in the future: a combination of smart cities and smart synthetic beings surrounding us. That sounds … both interesting and scary at the same time.