This TikToker built a robot dog completely out of Legos, and the results are truly mind-boggling.


Posted by a TikToker known simply as I Build Stuff, the creator of this incredibly elaborate Lego robot was inspired by the Boston Dynamics Spot robot in their design. Of course, this Lego version of Spot isn’t autonomous, instead controlled by a remote. However, it’s not hard to imagine some sort of semi-intelligent module placed on the robot controlling everything — though some additional cameras and sensors would be required. “It walks backwards,” one buzzkill of a viewer pointed out, to which the creator replied, “It was faster when it walked backwards, so I just made it like that lol.” “They should hire you,” another viewer said, referring to the Lego company most likely. “Elon Musk should hire this guy,” another viewer said finally, summing up this kid’s genius perfectly. Recommended for you

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