Each item is no more than $50 after discounts, which is considerably cheaper than top brands. In addition the buds use high fidelity drivers to produce smooth, audio for clear trebles, mids, and deep bass. The 88’s have extra features like auto ear detect and smart noise reduction that can block out extraneous sounds. Unfortunately neither earbuds have ANC but they do have some form of passive noise cancellation. However without ANC they can last as long as 25-30 hours with the charging case at about 5 hours per charge. PS: If you’re interested in affordable active noise cancellation headphones, then please check out my quick review on the Sound Liberty 94 TWS Earbuds at the bottom of this article. The battery cases are fairly slim; the 88’s case has 4 LED indicators with 2 side indicators for when the earbuds are charging and the 92’s case has a single LED indicator and slightly better 30 hour battery life. I’ve previously reviewed another SoundLiberty product and each delivered on sound quality, features, and durability. These are terrific headphones for budget-tight consumers and are worth checking out. Please continue reading if you’d like a more detailed perspective on each pair.

SoundLiberty Product Information

SoundLiberty 92 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Despite being the cheaper of the two, the 92’s still pack a punch when it comes to audio quality and consumer friendly features. My favorite feature is the smart touch controls, which are about as responsive as you can get with budget earbuds. A few taps is all you need to control your music, incoming/outgoing calls, and voice assistant. The next thing I appreciated was the nearly instantaneous single/dual mode switching. Unlike previous earbuds, you can easily use one or two earbuds without having to unpair and pair the buds again. You simply take one or two buds out of the case and plug them into your ears to use. If you only want to use one, place the other bud back in the case and you’re set. Other notable characteristics include IPX8 waterproofing, which is fantastic for intense workouts, Bluetooth 5.0 for long range connectivity, and the USB-C case itself. The case is very petite and can easily slip into your pocket without worry.

Which Features Need Improvement

Not everything is great; you’ll be sacrificing some notable highlights for the lower price including a lack of active noise cancellation, lesser grade bass and trebles, and no wireless charging for the case. There were also no custom ear tips included, which was odd as every TWS headphones that I’ve tested had them. Beyond that I felt the 30hr battery life with 5hrs per charge limit was okay but could’ve been better; at least give me a couple more hours per charge if you’re not going to have ANC. I’ll also place the style and look of the buds in the neutral category. I prefer the more compact tips of the Galaxy Buds but at least the stems on the 92’s don’t appear distracting. Overall these are a formidable pair of headphones that are more economical than the 88’s and other headphones from Sony, Apple, Google, and Samsung.

SoundLiberty 88 Smart Noise Reduction Earbuds Review

Very few things distinguish the 88’s from the 92’s but they’re very important differences. The biggest distinctions include:

Larger battery case with 4 LED indicators and 2 side LED indicators when earbuds are charging

Smart noise reduction tech which cuts ambient noise over 50dB and retains 98% of your voice over 200-3000Hz frequencies (improves call quality)

10mm high fidelity drivers that amp up bass, natural mids, and trebles

25hr total battery life with case vs 30hrs with the 92’s

Auto ear detect which stops music when an earbud is removed and resumes when both earbuds are placed in ear excluding single mode

The biggest inclusions are the auto ear detect and smart noise reduction tech, which make the user experience that much more rewarding. For those two reasons alone I would select these earbuds over the 92’s though you’ll still be fine with either. I personally prefer the other battery case because it’s considerably smaller and more appealing to look at even though it lacks the LED indicators of the other case. The battery life is also slightly better on the other earbuds though it’s not a significant difference. The audio and call quality is very similar though I did notice slightly less interference with the 88’s, and my Spotify tracks sounded a bit fuller though the contrasts were very minor. If you’re looking for an inexpensive wireless headphone experience that tags on a couple more features and greater volume, then the SoundLiberty 88 TWS Earbuds are the way to go.

SoundLiberty 88 & 92 TWS Headphones: Final Review

All three SoundLiberty TWS headphones that I’ve tested thus far have exceeded my expectations when it comes to price, quality, features, and user friendliness. The TaoTronics brand has been around for a long time and if they keep producing like this, then they’ll easily be a top contender in the wireless headphone space. I give the TaoTronics SoundLiberty 88 & 92 TWS Headphones 4.8 out of 5 stars. You won’t get much better quality for less than $50, and it’s amazing how the brand continues to pack premium features without inflating the price. I thought the smart touch controls were excellent, the sound quality was very good, and the waterproofing was superb. My only dings were for the lack of the ANC, which I’m a big stickler for, and the lack of custom ear tips on either headphone pair. I won’t deduct points for the absence of incredible sound because that’s just not realistic with $30 to $50 headphones, and I could care less about the case not being able to wirelessly charge. In the end these are another solid set of TWS headphones that I would absolutely recommend to those looking for a cheaper alternative. They work really well with calling and music playback and they’re stylish enough to make you forget that they’re not $300 headphones. The SoundLiberty 88 and 92 TWS Earbuds are excellent low-cost headphones that will surprise audiophiles and turn the rest of us into wireless headphone enthusiasts.

SoundLiberty 94 TWS ANC Earbuds Review

The SoundLiberty 94’s are TaoTronic’s hybrid ANC earbuds with 35dB ambient noise reduction via its inward and outward-facing microphones. The buds use Bluetooth 5.1 for a more stable, long-lasting connection and can switch from ANC to ambient mode with a simple 2 second hold on the earbuds. The earbuds also come in a Type-C charging case that can extend battery life up to 32hrs. The 94’s are extremely similar to the other earbuds in this review but having ANC gives them that extra push though not without consequences. After some testing I noticed the audio quality wasn’t quite as good as the other headphones though it’s a small difference. In addition these buds only have IPX5 waterproofing instead of IPX8, which means they can’t handle a lot beyond splashes and sweat so please be careful with them. Other than that they maintain similar features and last about as long on a single charge when the ANC is on and even longer without ANC. The price is also fantastic for what you’re getting, and they even come with 6 ear tips (2 in use) to give you the best fit for your ears. I would give the SoundLiberty 94 TWS ANC Earbuds 4.8 out of 5 stars. They last a little longer than the other buds and have slightly better BT connectivity, but the audio quality and cutback on waterproofing equals things out. However the biggest trump card is the active noise cancellation, so if that’s a must-have feature then these are the headphones to go with. I’ve been scouting out low-cost ANC options and these along with the Mpow X3’s have been my favorites, and they both get a solid recommendation from me.

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