In this video, David Ma, a director and filmmaker who goes by @davidwma on TikTok, shows us the Firestorm F3. Find out how it works here.


We bet you wouldn’t have been able to tell that those sparks are actually cold. “It operates using one pack of titanium alloy grains, which won’t hurt your hand or cause a fire,” Ma says. “You just pour the grains in, let the machine warm up and then use the remote to set the level and duration of our fireflies.” “As a director,” he says, “I’d love to use this on one of my sets because I love practical effects in my films and music videos.” One commenter simply exclaims, “Awesome!” “That is fantastic!” writes another. One viewer of the video has an idea of his own for this contraption. “Need these in football stadiums,” he comments. We’d like one for celebrations such as weddings or even the Fourth of July. Recommended for you

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