Uploaded by @missy_mcstein, the video sets up the foundation for the debate. “What would be better is teaching people how to protect themselves from this,” writes commenter @gemma9022. “I claim no negative energy from this video!” exclaims user @malkeyez, invoking a common phrase to distance oneself from any supernatural element that people apparently fear might take notice of the fact a video was seen. “In my opinion,” @missy_mcstein says, “I do believe when we speak against what isn’t welcome, they have to listen.” “I heard, ‘They’re lost from God’”, surmises @juless127. User @momo28282 has a different take: “I heard ‘Good luck,’” she writes. “I hear ‘They’re lost,’ ‘They’re going,’ and ’to the light,’ instead of ‘They are running,’ etc.,” reports @inyweenyteenyweenyslsdm. Others consider themselves reality-based and are more skeptical. “Is it seriously just scanning AM radio waves?” asks @cummins59kbm. “That’s not ghosts, LOL.” Reader @user42069800851337 agrees. “You’re scanning through radio stations and acting shocked when you hear words,” he explains. User @captivatingcoffins has his own theory. “There are multiple dimensions,” he writes. “They are in purgatory and we are in the overworld, basically. There are a few after that, and that can be very terrifying.” Recommended for you

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