“Girl, go get some sage, palo santo and burn in your home, each room, every corner, immediately,” writes viewer of the video @princessmoondeer." User @paraview8 seems particularly interested in a paranormal explanation for this digital behavior. “Entities can also manipulate our electronics,” she contends, “especially if we captured them on film or video.” “Entities feed energy-wise off our electronics to manifest the activity they produce,” @paraview8 continues. “Did you have any videos or pictures of the paranormal activity in your home before your phone locked up?” “It’s one thing to hear them, smell them or catch them in Orbs or Shadows,” @paraview8 surmises, “but to capture their true form is damning to them.” Others offer practical, real-world advice. “Make sure you have a PC!” writes @amberleigh91. “Plug it in the PC then turn off and unplug. Put your iPhone in recovery mode. Restore phone.” “Happened to me, Ryan,” sympathizes @sandralevere93. “Once I got that far trying, I had no choice. The next step was lose everything.” “Save your passwords!” writes @gracelesswho. “I save them in my phone, but write down 100%, even if you think you’ll remember.” If you have been locked out of your iPhone or fear you might be some day, you could do worse than to read this article from Lifewire that offers steps for what to do to regain access to your iPhone. Recommended for you

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