Enjoy the spectacle in this video posted by TikTok user @gamer_athletics.


Commenters have all sorts of things to say about the dramatic show. “Wait, how are they that good and coordinated? One person controls one drone, right?” asks @fostea6. “Darth Vader one was sick,” writes @jesus_without_sus. “OMG, that was so cool,” says @silliest_salmon19. User @saltyryder recalls seeing it: “No way! I was driving home from the Giants game and saw this!” “You could make a whole battle out of them,” @hshcgeudhsvxhbs suggests. A very curious viewer of the video, @faultedskink, has a few thoughts of her own. “These are special drones I take it? Because they’re moving quite fast and precisely. Just an observation requesting an explanation.” Reader @dmcxgravity imagines the future for these airborne presentations. “This is so cool,” he says, “But I can only imagine how rudimentary this is going to look in 50 years when we’re able to project HD images in the sky.” “Add another 20k drones and they could play the whole series of star wars,” is the thought that springs to @beanbagio as he contemplates the possibilities. Our thought is that is these wild shows are fun to watch, and we have a strong suspicion they will become more amazing as time goes along and engineers adapt to emerging technology. Recommended for you

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