The video was posted by @alexhollings52 and sets up the framework for some discussion. “The only operational stealth bomber in the world today is America’s Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit, which first flew in 1989 and entered operational service in 1997,” recalls Alex Hollings in Sandboxx.  “Unlike any other operational stealth platform in the world today, the B-2’s flying wing design is effective at limiting detection from both high and low-frequency radar bands. As a result, the somewhat dated and significantly larger B-2 Spirit is often more difficult to detect and track than even America’s most modern stealth fighter, the F-35.” “You know the US has some stuff hidden in a desert that the world has yet to see,” writes @kalibinman. “Plane’s twenty years old,” notes @patti_patti_patti0. “Hopefully we have something ten times better now.” “Let’s be totally honest here,” writes @methanol.mick. “The stealth bomber design Germany already was developing with twin jet power in 1944. The Horen HO 229 was way ahead.” “If the airframe works well, why wouldn’t you use it?” asks @neverbrokeagainbtfa. Same with Turkey’s new 5th generation fighter." “Thirty years later and they’re trying to flex that they finally caught up?” asks @matt_guinaugh. Recommended for you

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