TikTok user @skaya.siberian posted this video. You can watch the adorable dog Skaya and see what her favorite words are here:


“I really need those buttons,” writes commenter @christyhollier970. “Where did you get them?” (One idea: You can find them for sale by searching the Web for “talking buttons.”) “So hilarious!” exclaims @rob.punk.romeo. “I can’t stop watching these videos.” “He looks so mad because you won’t give him a treat,” observes @avery_lovely1234. “These videos are great,” says @plants.beauty.mu. “Her eyes, though,” notices @radakovich12. “I’m screaming from their cuteness.” “Wow,” writes @bigblody. “Her eyes are so beautiful.” User @stinky_grandma proclaims, “This dog is so smart!” “Skaya when she doesn’t get her treat: ‘I’ve had enough of this. Fluff you!’” summarizes @krixzyplayz. Recommended For You

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