Ads can frustrate consumers when they interfere with watching content, accessing articles, or playing games on smart phones or tablets. For some, the inundation of ads has gotten even worse than the pop-up ads associated with older websites (which, with some sites, has not completely gone away). There are solutions, as TikTok user @tatechtips shows, to this persistent problem that users can attempt.  Commenters showed their agreement and appreciation with this proposed solution. cdsivorot reported, “Just did this. So far, still connected to wifi and Google searches seem fine. A lot less ads too. Thanks man.” BikkyBandit replied, “yep, used this method for about a year or so now, it’s great! I think it’s also blocked ads in apps too.” rachel slater exclaimed, “this is probably one of the best tips ever. thank you!!!” Based on the feedback, this seems like a terrific solution to something that has plagued users for quite a while. I might try something like this if it works on my YouTube connection at home, so I don’t have to carry the remote with me and skip ads while I’m watching something and having a snack.