We’re not sure which happened first in history, but either this real-life teenage boy was inspired by the movies or it truly has been a trope in the real world for decades. The latter option is truly crazy, but not as crazy as how this owner reveals to the hapless teenager that this blue Corvette is truly his.


Posted by presumably the owner of the car, known as JasonOnBoost on TikTok, Jason finds this teenage boy trying to impress a fellow teenage girl by passing off the car as his own. He immediately comes over as if he’s a bully trying to get one over on the boy by leaping onto the hood of the car. He then walks between the two kids and proceeds to open the driver-side door with his keys. The boy then just decides to book it out of the parking garage, as if he’d been caught in a crime. The viewers, of course, are having a field day with this. “How is that flex gonna work out?” One viewer jokingly asked. “She’s like, ‘take me for a ride then.’ ‘No.’" “He was a fantastic wingman for the guy recording though,” another pointed out. “You could have let him have the moment,” one commenter said, showing some mercy. And finally, the best take: “Same happens everyday with my Passat, I swear.” Recommended For You

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