While Musk has launched many businesses that are reshaping our modern lives, perhaps the best-known brand in his portfolio is the car company Tesla. The high-tech models that are largely electric have become like status symbols today. As TikTok user @carterpcs shows us, it appears they are bringing that cutting edge approach to another automotive sector. Commenters provided some interesting suggestions regarding this video. FrostyFirebird mentioned, “I work in a truck stop. I can tell you right now that this will just be another thing they can complain about.” “i don’t know if you have an EV or if you’ve driven one but when the truck loaded on a hill there goes a good battery %%,” suggested Tjay. Julian noted, “Truckers don’t have time to wait for a full charge.” This is a really interesting glimpse into what we might see in the future of short-distance trucking, like what helps get goods like produce from ports and markets to local retailers. In dense areas like the northeastern United States, these could become prevalent as more governments seek to phase out gasoline-powered vehicles.