I can’t listen to educational stuff because my head will hurt too much for me to want to think about anything too hard. I also find most podcasts to be boring. But stories, especially shocking or scary stories, I find to be fascinating. I listen to audiobooks when I can, but they’re usually too expensive for me to do this too often. This is why I’m happy I found reddit text to speech channels. Reddit is filled with people talking in depth about their life experiences. Reddit has always been a useful tool for me as a writer. If one of my characters, for example, gets shot in a scene of a book I’m writing, I’ll need to describe it well, even though it is something I’ve never experienced before. Luckily, I can go to reddit and find a thread about what it feels like to be shot. There are always a ton of people willing to share their stories, which I can in turn use to write my book better. I’ve fallen down many internet holes doing this. Reading people’s accounts on various topics can be truly fascinating, it teaches you a lot about humanity and the world. Reddit text to speech channels are super awesome because they find the best threads or posts with the greatest stories in them and read it all to you. They put the words of the posts on the screen, so you can read along if you want to, but they also keep the screen dark, so you can shut your eyes, like I do. Some people fall asleep to them, which I have done on occasion, but usually they are too interesting to fall asleep to, even with your eyes closed. There are a lot of reddit text to speech channels and I’ve listened to the majority of them at least once. Below, are the top five best channels I’ve found on YouTube.

5. Radio TTS

This channel used to be at the very top of my list. I would log on to YouTube every day, excited for the next episode of confessions. The confession series is well over one hundred videos long and they’re still the best Reddit text to speech videos I’ve ever watched. The series got its name because it featured various people telling stories of the worst things they’ve ever done, witnessed, or thought. All the stories are horrifying and worth a listen. You’ll never forget some of the stuff you hear when you listen to this series. In fact, I didn’t put episode number one up as an example because it’s particularly memorable to anyone who listens to this series and the thumbnail is graphic. The creator of this channel had a knack for finding extremely shocking stories that no other Reddit TTS channels were posting about. But the channel, one day, changed completely. Instead of having confessions, it featured posts where people give their opinions on a lot of things. The guy who made the channel tried to make these opinions just as shocking by having a new series all about offensive opinions, but it wasn’t the same. I still listen to and enjoy the channel, but it kind of feels like I’m scrolling my social media feeds, reading a bunch of people‘s annoying opinions about a lot of things, instead of feeling horrified by the messed up experiences a lot of people have gone through. Experiences people have are more compelling to listen to than opinions. Humanity is driven by stories, which is why I became a writer. Everyone should listen to the confessions series. It’s fascinating, but I never would have listened to the channel at all if it started out as what it became today.

4. Reddit Aliens

I love listening to people tell their paranormal and creepy stories online. Not all of them are great, but a lot of them can leave you on edge and kind of frightened, especially stories where people barely escaped danger in time. Reddit aliens is a channel with all spooky stories all the time. They post twice a day, too, so you can get your fix regularly.

3. Updoot Everything

This channel has a wide variety of stories in it. It’s not like the confession series, where every story is horrifying, but a lot of them are surprising, shocking, or educational. They’re an especially good channel if you can’t handle the scary and disturbing stories of the previous two channels I mentioned. They’re more light hearted, although there’s some disturbing content on this channel as well. And they upload multiple times a day.

2. Updoot (Studios/Reddit)

This channel is very similar to the previous channel on this list. In fact, sometimes I would get the two channels mixed up, especially since this channel has changed its name a few times. But overall, this channel chooses better stories than the other channel, which is why it’s my favorite of the two.

1. rSlash

One of the best things about rSlash is that he voices his own channel. A lot of the other channels use the same computer voice to read their stories. Sometimes these computer voices take things they are reading too literally and make weird mistakes when they’re talking. This can be funny, but it’s unintentionally so. Rslash is funny on purpose and can do a perfect “entitled parent” voice in any stories he reads. He also adds comments and laughs while reading sometimes. It gives the stories a human aspect that the computer voice channels don’t have. He reads a lot of entitled parent, choosing beggar, malicious compliance, and revenge stories. He seems to find the best of the best stories. A lot of the stories have hilarious and entertaining twists, where justice and goodness prevails in the end. So listening to his channel isn’t too depressing. It’s amazing. I listen to it every day. He doesn’t upload multiple videos per day like the other channels do, but his videos are higher quality. I haven’t found another YouTubers who reads the stories themselves and produces as good videos as rSlash does. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. © 2021 EB Black

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