So guys get ready and stick with us and pick the game of your choice from our list of 16 best games for android. These are the best Android Games that you should give it a shot. You’ll definitely like this list. I still love to play these games. These are the games that I like in my 4 years of Android Gaming experience. These are are meant for every one whether if you like, car racing games, action games, adventure games, arcade games or strategy games below you will find the game of every genre.

Vector is an amazing and exciting arcade game. You are a free runner where you have to run from an urban ninja. The game is slightly similar to temple run but it is way too amazing from temple run. This game has a 20 different levels and in the deluxe version of this game there are 40 levels. The game begins with a disastrous place where you have to free your self and run for your life, where freedom’s dream is everyone’s impossible desire. You have to run, jump, slide and climb while running. The game is quite exciting. Graphics are amazing. In short the game is best for those who want endless game playing experience and for all the temple run like game lovers, this game is Gold. Download on Google Play.

Developed by Rayark International Limited Implosion-Never Loose Hope is a fantastic android game with brilliant gameplay and graphics. It is an Action and Adventure game where you are a warrior and you have to save the human race from extinction. You are a warrior equipped with weapons and armor and you have to defeat enemies. This game is similar to God of War. Apart from its game play, this game also has some cutting edge features. The game has super stunning console-quality graphics and a very fine clean and well-defined controls experience. This game has first grade voice and audio production. Moreover it is optimized for tablets and phones. The joy of this game breaks the limits when playing on a Tablet. Download from Google Play Store.

Speedy Ninja is an amazing ninja running game. SpeedyNinja runs while battling with opponents with swords, fireballs, throwing cakes and more. The ninja can run, fly, dive and attack making his way to the victory. In speedy ninja you can dive up and down and collect coins while keeping an eye on the opponent. Steve Aoki is your initial ninja. You can spend the collected coins to buy weapons and other characters. Overall the game is good with good graphics and interesting levels. Download it on Google Play Store.

  Shadow Fight 2 is an Action classical fighting. You step into the world of shadows and become a Shadow Ninja where you fight with different opponents. You can equip your ninja with different armors, weapons and ninja suits as your level gets advanced. There are different opponents in different levels and as you go next every opponent gets powerful and skillful. You can also learn skills with your Skill points earned in every battle. The game has a very delightful graphics and amazing user-friendly controls. So if you like fighting martial arts games then this is best for you. This game has an excellent rating of 4.6 on Google Play Store. Download from Google Play Store.

  Here comes the Real Racing 3, a simply breathless Racing game with enormous high class graphics and super cool gaming experience. Real Racing 3 is simply outclass game developed by Electronic Arts. All the racing lovers, playing this game will stop your heart because ever till now i have played many racing games ,paid and free, Real Racing 3 is the one which has it all. Real Racing 3 is an award wining game, you have to play your career and race to rank up and unlock high-class expensive cars. This game has almost all the super cars including the most famous cars like Bugatti, Pagani, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Chevrolet and Mercedes etc. You can also play online tracks in this game. Another Feature of this game is Time Shifting Multiplayer technology meaning that you can race with anyone, anytime at anywhere. The Graphics of Real Racing 3 are simply outstanding on both phones and tablets and controls are also amazing with motion sensor steering capability. You can drive the car from inside and outside. So all the race game lovers, this game is what you need to cool your stamina. Rating is 4.3 on Google Play Store and it’s free. Download it in Google play.

  Blood and Glory is the 6th game in list of our best games for android. A game in which battle between death and life begins in front of the great crowd. There is only one way to live and that is Glory or else you have to die. Blood & Glory is kind of game like Sparta, you have to battle in the arena and beat the opponent to impress the crowd. You can also upgrade your player with newer and powerful armor,weapons and helmet. You need to spent your glory points to buy new weapons, suits, and armors. Win the tournaments without loosing and earn the Gold medals. Attack special combos to weaken your enemy and block the attacks of your enemy if you want to survive. Blood & Glory is fantastic Action game with amazing graphics and user-friendly gaming experience. This is developed by Glu. Rating on Google Play is 4.6 which is very good. Download from Google Play Store.

  Unkilled is a great Ist person Zombie shooter action game developed by MADFINGER Games. It is similar to Dead Trigger 2 but its new and updated. In this game you are a member of anti-zombie organization WOLFPACK. Your purpose is to find the zombies and kill them. You can equip yourself with different weapons designed to kill zombies. Graphics of this game are amazing and controls are well-defined. So you will like this, just install it, play it, it’s completely free and enjoy. Google Play Store rating is 4.3. Download from Google play.

Major Mayhem is an Action, Adventure game developed by adult swim Games. Ah, Is till love it. Major Mayhem runs on a mission saving and rescuing hostages and killing the enemy. Run through amazing 3D locations and shoot the opponents with different weapons to rescue your Kidnapped girlfriend from the evil enemy. Major Mayhem is a very exciting game with 40 action levels with non-stop fun. You can play game in 4 modes depending upon your criteria.There are three beautiful locations in the game, Tropics, Metropolis and Desert. Also there are different costumes and hats for Major Mayhem to maintain his look while fighting against evil. It has a good rating of 4.6 on Google Play store. Download on Google Play.

  Beach Buggy Racing is a racing game developed by Vector Unit and is a small racing game with fantastic graphics, racing with different players. The game offers 3D imaginative racing tracks. You can collect coins while racing. The Game features exciting Kart-Racing Action. The cars can be upgraded. You can also different cars including monster trucks. There are 15 different racing locations. The game is perfectly optimized for tablet and phones with motion sensor steering driving and manual steering touch driving. Graphics are amazing with super cool flawless performance. Rating is 4.3 on Google Play Store. Download on Google Play Store.

  A mind-blowing simulation creativity city building game developed by Electronic Arts with stunning 3D graphics. SimCity is a game in which you have to build and design your own city as a Mayor. Build different buildings, make parks for outing, build industries, sewage systems, power plants and roads to keep your city beautiful to attract more people to be the residents of your city. Keep your citizens happy by solving every day challenges like traffic jams, fire and pollution etc. You have to build all the necessary needs of people like hospitals, schools, police station and fire brigade. Fulfill all the basic requirements of the people and make your city famous. This game is very exciting and i really enjoyed playing this game. Spending 1 hour is no big deal in playing this game because it is very exciting and joyous. The controls and graphics are very good. The gaming experience gets if you are playing this game in tablet. In short, SimCity is an exciting simulation and strategy game with a lot of fun in it. Download on Google play.

Yes guys that’s right, GTA San Andreas the famous game developed by Rockstar Games is available for android. GTA San Andreas is so much popular and almost every person from a little kid to a young boy has played this game.  GTA San Andreas was first released for Windows and due to its popularity it got updated to Android and iOS. In this game you play as Carl Johnson who escapes from San Andreas for his life, a city who has reached the top in corruption, drugs and gang troubles. Five years later Carl gets home and sees that his mother has been murdered, his family is scattered and his all childhood friends are in the difficult situation. So, Carl sets out on a journey across San Andreas city to make things right, save his family, friends and take control over the streets. The game is of Gangster type. It is completely same as on the PC version. Graphics are fabulous with high-resolution and controls are easy. Gaming experience is completely same as PC and all missions are also same but cheats don’t work on mobile version of this Game. The game is Paid on Google Play store but you can download it for free from the link i have putted below.

GTA San Andreas Free for Android

Download below on Google Play Store $$.

  Ski Safari is an Arcade, Adventure ski and safari game. Its an interesting game where you have to slide over snowy mountains with penguins and monsters. The game starts as you are sleeping in your and suddenly a snow storm comes and you wake up. Now you have to get rid of the storm skiing over the mountains and in the way there are penguins and monsters while you also has to collect coins. You speed boost up every time you collect the coins. The game has very easy to play interface. Graphics are very good. This game has very high rating from all the games above. It has a rating of 4.7 on Google Play Store. Download: Ski Safari Free The game is paid on Google Play Store.

  The Amazing Spider Man, famous movie and now the game is available. Amazing SpiderMan is an action, Adventure game designed and developed by famous game developer GameLoft. You are Spider Man, the Super Hero, slinging and roaming around the city to fight for crimes, protecting and saving the people from the danger making the city peaceful and clean. Different enemies will come but Spider Man has to defeat them and protect Peoples. Spider Man also has to keep an eye on the thieves, robbers and goons for cleaning the crime and make the people and city safe. Graphics of Amazing Spider Man game are amazing on both tablets and phones. The gaming experience is awesome. Controls are very well-managed. Overall the game is great with good story and flawless gameplay. The Amazing Spider Man is paid on Playstore but you can download it free from the below link. Download: Amazing Spider Man Free for Android Download from Google Play Store $$.

  Developed by Playdead Limbo is an arcade, puzzle game released in 2015. It got popularity very rapidly. Limbo, a boy enters a place called Limbo where he faces traps, scary locations and there is danger at every step. The boy wants to find his sister and enters in to Limbo which is world full of difficulties, monsters, traps and dark. The boy has to overcome all the traps, dangers and has to find his sister. The game is simply awesome and is a master piece in all the games that i have mentioned. Limbo has won more than 100 awards. Like all the above Limbo has good graphics and controls. Rating on Google Play is 4.7. Limbo is paid on Google Play store but you can download it for free from the link below.

Download Limbo Free for Android

Download on Google Play Store $$

  Android Leo’s Fortune is an award winning game adventure. The locations in the game are amazing. Color saturation is great. The game is about Leo whose coins are stolen by a thief and Leo has to hunt him down in order to get his coins back. So, Leo follows the thief, he only has one clue and that is to follow the dropped coins from the thief’s bad meanwhile collecting them also and going through different levels. Leos Fortune is an exciting game with very good gameplay, controls, story and Graphics. Leo’s Fortune has an amazing rating of 4.6 on google play store and it lands perfectly on our list of Best Games for Android. Leo’s Fortune is paid on Google Play Store but you can get it free from the link below.

Download Leo’s Fortune Free for Android

Download on Google Play Store $$

  BADLAND is award winning adventure game. In this game you play as a little explorer inspecting the atmosphere and environment full of trees, flowers and inhabitants. You have to find out what is wrong with the environment and go through all the traps and obstacles. BADLAND is the most downloaded android game on Google Play store. in 2013. It has a rare story concept. Gaming experience of BADLAND is cool and it’s an exciting game. The rating of BADLAND on Google Play Store is 4.5. Download on Google Play Store. So that’s it guys. Hope you like our list of 16 best games for android . Please share this and comment your favorite game. Be happy and enjoy, Bye. Please Like, share and, subscribe for more interesting apps and games, Thanks.