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Smart Locks

Smart locks are smarter and more secure than your regular deadbolt locks. It takes less than 30 minutes to get a smart lock installed in your home and you don’t even need a key to operate them. The smart locks work with an app installed on your smartphone, which allows you to control the lock remotely from where you are. With your smartphone, you can actually give the visitor access to your home remotely. Smart locks come in different forms and capabilities; they don’t have to be operated with codes. You can operate these gadgets even with facial recognition, which means your doors will not open unless the authentic face or faces are used to unlock them.

Smart Thermostat

The smart thermostat can be installed on your heating and cooling devices to regulate temperatures. This smart device will save you the costs of running your cooling and heating devices in your home significantly. Just like smart locks, smart thermostats can be automated to work remotely over the internet and from your smartphone. You may want to check in with your professional electrical service provider for your options. If you are traveling for weeks, months or years but don’t want to switch off the main electricity, you should consider installing a smart thermostat so that your long-term food stays fresh until you return. Unless there is a general power outage in your home, the smart thermostat will continue to work to preserve your perishable foods.

Automated Smart Plugs

You can make your home more secured electrically with smart plugs. These devices are essential particularly to protect toddlers who often insert their little fingers into electrical plugs. With an automated app on your smartphone, you can view the active plugs that are not in use, and then you can shut them down remotely. Smart plugs work with Wi-Fi Internet and Bluetooth. Most homeowners don’t have an ideal how a smart plug looks like, but it pays to get them if you want to protect those kids who fiddle with electrical sockets and plugs. There is no finger, no matter how little they are, that can enter through these plugs.

Smart Automated Home Energy Monitor

Monitoring your energy usage at home or work is very important, and the use of an automated home energy monitor requires that you install the device to your circuit breaker. The automated device gives reading on each appliance connected to your home electrical system and from there you can adjust accordingly to save more energy and reduce your utility bills. Just as with any other smart home device, the automated energy monitor will require the installation expertise of a professional electrician. With your home energy auditor, you can’t be cheated when it comes to energy bills. You may even identify the devices or appliances that consume most power and switch them off when not in use. Make sure you incorporate a smart home energy monitor when auditing your energy bills. You will surely be surprised at how much you can save on energy with this device.

Smart Security Alarms, Sensors, and Cameras

Gone are the days when surveillance cameras and alarms are installed to provide ordinary services such as motion detection. Today, smart security devices, like alarms and sensors, work with apps that will send notifications to your smartphone when the movement of humans, animals, and automobiles are detected near your home. No intruder would like to get caught up with a very loud alarm and footages of his movement around your home. Smart surveillance cameras don’t have to be on the perimeter fences and other accessible areas of your home. They are now attached to doorknobs, and even keyholes, to capture intruders at a very wide angle.

The Smarter, the Better

It is important to contact your certified electrician when making your final choices of smart home devices because there are varieties of options out there. The smarter your home becomes, the more convenient and secured it will turn out to be. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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