But it is not, and there is a very practical reason why. In this 41-second video, TikTok user @theinfographicsshow explains the mystery.


The one-dollar bill has been the lowest value denomination of U.S. paper currency since 1876. It has the oldest design of all U.S. currency being produced now. “It’s not worth enough to counterfeit anyway, and inflation is driving its value down,” writes one viewer of the video in the comments. Another commenter says, “So the government is owned by lobbyists? Well, that’s a new opinion.” “They had a rash of counterfeit dollars when photocopiers first came out. Kids were doing it to get cola and play video games for free,” claims one commenter with an anecdote.  Another corruptly finds some advice in this analysis: “So if I want to print money, I should do one dollar bills. Thanks.” “It will be a cashless society real soon,” writes a viewer with an eye toward the future. The U.S. one-dollar bill is iconic, so we thought it worthwhile to take a look at this issue and share what we found. 

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