Apparently, unclaimed mail is when packages cannot be delivered or returned for whatever reason, and so those packages are auctioned off, sight unseen. Because many of these packages are likely gifts that either didn’t make it to their intended destination or those that were returned but never made it back to the retailer, you might be shocked at what can be found in unclaimed mail.


See, it’s like one of those monthly mystery box subscriptions, but with items that can be worth upwards of hundreds of dollars. Thanks to Blatant Reviews on TikTok for revealing this neat trick to us. Here’s some of the pricier items that the Blatant Reviews crew found in their unclaimed mail experiment: $60 Sony wireless over-ear headphones, a $35 Turtle Beach Recon Spark wired gaming headset, and a $55 PowerA Enhanced Wireless Nintendo Switch Controller. Those are some excellent finds in our humble opinion, especially considering some of these boxes can be bought at auction for less than $200 at times. Those auctions happen online at websites like and While nothing is really guaranteed when buying unclaimed mail at auction, it is kind of fun for the surprise factor.