If you could control when and how any piece of glass could switch from clear, to shaded to opaque, how would you use it? TikTok user future_explored enlightens us. You’ll want to check this out for some cool ideas. It kind of makes you wonder how we ever lived without smart glass. As @future_explored explains, “It works using an electric current that controls how scattered or aligned the molecules in the glass are which just controls how much light can pass through. And what’s great is that all this is happening in a thin layer of laminate film that is just stuck on the glass. Which means it’s super easy to retrofit so you don’t have to go tearing out all of your old windows.” So that’s why we naturally repeat the question from the video, “With so many applications, what is the coolest idea that you would use it for?” Commenter @curtlloy has a great idea for the health care industry: “That should be used in hospitals!! Having to clean roller blinds is time-consuming and not very sanitary.” “I have very large glass skylights. In the summer it gets too hot. Where can I get this?” asks @1ohfive. A practical commenter, @jasonbaconbacondu, would use it for “glasses, because the tint takes so long to return to clear after you walk inside.” And @mathieumorin35 is up for a challenge—for him and the rest of us as well, it seems. “Make a mirror maze, but use this instead and as you walk they keep changing on you,” he suggests. There are tons of great ideas for smart glass. We’d like to try them all.

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