But what about practical products you can use to cut down on annoyances and add practical enhancements to your daily routine? We found a Top 5 list to take care of a few of these. TikTok user socal3d comes to the rescue with some sweet solutions. “People say 3D printing is useless,” socal3d says. “So I’m here to change that.”  Enjoy listening to music and having a drink in the shower but can’t find a non-clumsy way to pull that off? Done. Frustrated with sticky coins in your car’s soda-soaked cup holders? Problem solved. Ever have difficulty getting those bottom half Pringles out of the can without spilling crumbs all over the car? Check. Is carting those plastic bags around to clean up after your dogs a bit of a hassle? Not any more. (Commenter camoblaze  asks, “Can’t you put the bags in your pocket?” The reply: “I don’t really want to put poop in my pockets.” “At number one, we have one of my most useful prints,” socal3d tells us. Watch the video to find out what that one is. Commenter dakotadawsony asks, “What program r you using to be able to make what you want?” These are made, socal3d explains, with SOLIDWORKS. He says he can make tutorials if people are interested.

These 5 Practical 3D Printed Devices Are Game Changers - 12