These consumer-facing robotic toys aren’t terribly expensive either, and something unexpected happens when Eiliks come together. You’ll quickly learn that each Eilik appears to have its own disposition, or likes and dislikes, like how these two Eilik respond to tickling.


It’s interesting how the Eilik on the left was not interested at all in getting tickled, while the right model was endeared to be tickled and found it funny. Each Eilik model costs just $130 right now during a sale (at the time of writing), but generally cost $150 after the pre-order promotion ends. Energize Labs, the company behind the new robotic toy, is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for the product, hence the promotional price. We’re at least amused by the thing, but what about the rest of TikTok? “I don’t think it does enough for the price,” one commenter plainly stated. “Just an expensive Tamagotchi. I think it [would] get boring after a day or two.” “Please tell me where to buy them and what they are called — it’s cute,” another commenter replied with some adorable emojis. So, it’s a bit of a mixed bag in terms of response, but this take here is probably what we should all be thinking about primarily. “I think I saw the start of a documentary about this,” a commenter quipped. “It was called The Terminator.”