This TikToker asked an AI to generate tattoo ideas themed around witches — just in time for Halloween. And, a lot of them look like they were drawn by professionals.


These drawings are absolutely gorgeous, and even we would consider getting one of these tattoos, shared by Jackson McLean on TikTok. We’re especially into the first, fourth, and sixth drawings. All of those would be truly feasible ideas to bring to a tattoo artist. Here’s what the viewers are saying: “These are epic!” one commenter exclaimed. “These are AMAZING,” another commenter agreed. “The vibrant potion bottles are my favourite.” “Damn, I wish I was that creative,” said another commenter, which is kind of wild considering it’s an AI. “OK, so I need to win the lotto and get most of those,” another commenter said finally, and we couldn’t agree more. Time to play some numbers!