Thanks to the capabilities and versatility of microchips, virtually anything can apparently be enhanced with “smart technology.” Manufacturers are taking some liberties with products, adding some benefits that don’t always sync up with a more traditional user experience to either ship more units or justify jacking up prices. However, TikTok user @kylekruegerr appears to have found a pair of “smart sunglasses” that are worth the hype. I have spent a good amount on sunglasses over the years (I manage to not lose them, probably because they cost so much), largely the same versions because I value polarized lenses for driving and protecting my eyes. However, these might be worth investigating when I look for a new pair with all these capabilities. Notably, being able to change the shade levels would help with driving through different light levels, like going through a tunnel or cloudy stretch of road, along with using hands-free audio if I get a call. While there was some skepticism, commenters seem intrigued by these special shades. “Where can I get them and how much do they cost?” asked MZ. Faris Latif noted, “now we talking & doesn’t look like it come out from the other universe.” “Can you listen to music with that?” inquired Ben.