So, try to remember that when you look at these metal monstrosities that are already dotting the shores of Israel and are likely to expand from there. The question is, then, how do these things work, and are they worth the space on the shoreline?


As shared and explained by Future_Explored of TikTok, these floaters are large devices that collect kinetic energy generated by ocean waves and transfer it into electrical energy using a hydraulic piston system powered by the waves. This energy is then transferred directly to the local power grid for collection and distribution among the various businesses and residences that use it nearby. As mentioned before, these devices have been deployed in the Port of Jaffa in Israel as well as in Gibraltar by an Israeli startup known as EcoWave Power to generate renewable, clean energy for the community. Unfortunately, it’s unknown exactly how much energy in Joules or Watts that this 10-floater system has generated for Israel on a regular basis. But, this is also the first company of its kind in the world deploying this kind of technology to generate clean energy. There’s plenty of space in the coastal US for this kind of clean energy tech. And, if the returns are big enough, it would be a welcome addition to the green movement almost anywhere in the world.